An ancient tradition across the Apulia Tavoliere



The Molino Amoruso setting-up

It’s the entrepreneurial skill of Leonardo, Nicola and Vincenzo who put all their efforts into their dream that allows them realizing their little wheat mill in the Piano delle Fosse. Pits (in Italian Fosse) are very ancient and they are the very last existing testimony of their past. Given their high historical value, the pits are subject to the protection of the Superintendence of Artistic, Archaeological and Historical Heritage of Apulia. Farmers collected wheat in pits and ground it for personal consumption.


Piano delle Fosse is located in Cerignola, Apulia. Its 600 pits are the last example of a traditional conservation method under the soil which was conceived for better preserving cereals, almonds, broad beans and flaxseeds. The average capacity is about 500 kilos.


Molino Amoruso makes a leap forward…

The true leap forward arrives in 1967 when a new installation is placed on the outskirts of Cerignola. Since then, the Company has started a journey towards quality through the selection of raw materials and the improvement of processing steps.


Molino Amoruso faces the generational turnover…

The three brothers are succeeded by their respective sons - Alessandro, Leonardo and Vincenzo - who pursue successfully the project and try to increase the production capacity.


Molino Amoruso attains its apex…

A new production line is added and boosts production capacity from 200 t.m./24h to 300 t.m./24h. The Company has now a modern and high-tech guise.

The first products

Low-ash flour from selected national wheat is ideal for common bread, friselle, taralli, biscuits and for all preparations for direct kneading processing.


It’s time for restyling…

The third generation launches the brand restyling to express the corporate values with the aim of synthetizing all intangible features that characterize the Company.

A new packaging for special flours

Flour is a life purpose and a passion. Since its very beginning, the goals have remained the same: research, update, innovation with a view to having products appreciated all over the world.

The new packaging line

We are now proud of what we do and we want our best for our clients. This is the reason why the Company is continually evolving giving proof day by day of its know-how and vocation in the sector.

More than 50 years have passed…

The family has been hardly working with competence and willingness for 50 years, proposing selected and certified products. The goals of the third generation are still the same: research, update and innovation with a view to offering appreciated high-quality products.

And then, the turning point…

The family, now in its entirety, has always paid attention to clients’ needs and decides to renew with an eye to its past. The taste of stone-grinded flour, a variety of new types of flour, the importance of a genuine, clean, natural, nutritional, biological and non-refined product. A new special way of conceiving flour.