Our Certifications

Molini Flli Amoruso SPA declares to apply, in accordance with the provisions of EC Reg. 852/2004 and subsequent additions and updates, the HACCP methodology in the company’s self-control plan, and to ensure at all stages the detection and removal of agents contaminating the product.

HACCP was introduced in Europe in the 1990s, with Directive 43/93/EEC (implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree 155/1997), which requires all food business operators to apply the HACCP protocol. This legislation was replaced by EC Reg. 852/2004, which came into force on 01/01/2006 and was implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree 193/2007, by which Legislative Decree 155/1997 is also definitively repealed and penalties for non-compliance with EC Reg. 852/2004 are decreed.

Given the wide range of food businesses taken into consideration by EC Reg. 852/2004 and the wide variety of food products and production procedures applied to food, General Guidelines on the application of procedures referring to the principles of the HACCP system have been drawn up by the European Commission, thus coming to the aid of all those involved in the food production chain.

Organic farming encompasses all agricultural systems that promote the production of food in a socially and economically sound manner; environmentally, it drastically reduces the use of fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic chemical medicines. Instead, it uses the power of natural laws to increase yields and disease resistance.

Such production, is a comprehensive system of farm management and agri-food production based on the interaction of best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, the application of stringent animal welfare criteria, and production that is suited to the preferences of certain consumers for products made with natural substances and processes.” ( EC Reg. No. 834/07)
It is since August 2010 that Molini F.lli Amoruso SPA began the production of Organic Flour receiving the ICEA (Institute for Ethical & Environmental Certification) Organic Certificate of Conformity in respect of People and Nature.

On 16/10/2009 the company passed the certification audit of its quality management system in accordance with UNI ISO 9001:2008 carried out on 06/10/2009 and on October 16, 2009 it was decided to issue the certification until the year 2010.

Molini F.lli Amoruso SPA, in continuous evolution and improvement, reached on 24/06/2022 a new and important milestone in the area of food quality and safety through the acquisition of the 22000:2018 certification, which attests that the company’s food safety management system complies with international standards and ensures that food products are safe for human consumption.