The Company

In 1958 three brothers – Leonardo, Nicola and Vincenzo – put all their physical and economic efforts into the project of a soft wheat mill. The success of their dream was ensured by their thirst of knowledge that brought them to what we could define as the scent of bread which is connected to genuineness, warmness, familiarity. There is no food as ancestral as bread.
Since its setting-up, the Company has been pursuing its journey across generations and continues to seek the simplest and beloved flavours such as flour, water and fire.

Today the Company plunges its roots in Apulia with its unique features. When visiting it, you get the astonishing impression and the unforgettable memory that you are in the middle of landscapes which are at the same time wondrous and solemn.

Apulia catches your heart and senses thanks to its people’s cordiality. Starting from the Molini F.lli Amoruso in Cerignola in the Tavoliere near the magnificent arch designing the Gargano, these entrepreneurs prove their professionalism and engagement through a continuous search for the real scent of bread by grinding soft wheat or by creating the very first ingredient, i.e. flour.

The family has been working steadily for 50 years with a line of selected and certified products.

Professional acknowledgements are the result of a never-ending engagement and tenaciousness in pursuing the main goals. A direct thank to all clients who opt for us and make our dreams come true.